Whilst having a moment outside The Oval Space during Dj Harvey’s set back in October,  i bumped into Aidy of Vinyl Underground . We first connected back in the day at the Legendary Co Op Club, during early daze when it took place at Velvet Rooms on Tottenham Court Road, before moving on to it’s next spiritual home of Plastic People. We reminisced about those golden daze, joining the dots, how i used to get him confused with Modaji an artist from the scene and musical nuggets. I apparently missed out on this 2000black/ A New Step Rockers that came out in 2008 on Third Ear / Japan..  I was told that it was essential for Morning Marauders and that I must play on the show..

So. this morning, it arrived in the post. Full of musical gems, some i’ve got on Vinyl hence possibly not having this Cd. I was exceptionally happy when the original ‘gOT mE pUzzLed’ came on with original verses, is worth digging for this CD alone..

Tracks that appear new to my ear, i’m also feeling instantly are “Febulous, If You Got 3 Wishes’ and ‘Take It Back’ ft  Rasiyah.

Looking forward to playing them on Morning Marauders 4 U 2 Enjoy!

Thanks Aidy.. much appreciated